Odyssey Educational Services

There is scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of a preventative approach to absenteeism and disability in a variety of employee populations.

Odyssey Educational Services is customized to a particular target population, with the objective of taking a proactive approach to reducing absenteeism, short and long term disability, and unnecessary or protracted requests for work accommodation and modification.

The target population may be an entire group of employees, or a sub-group of employees who exhibit an increased rate of such difficulties.

Odyssey Educational Services includes educational materials available to employees in various formats (print, web access, video, lectures, or workshops). In addition, interactive group sessions can be conducted as part of the educative/preventative process.

These programs can also be delivered to supervisors, line managers, human resources, benefits or occupational health professionals. These programs are designed to educate these employees about how to deal with employee chronic pain and mental health issues.