Odyssey Consultation and Mediation Services

Our senior clinical staff have had considerable experience over the years mediating and facilitating the resolution of challenging issues respecting disability, workplace accommodation, workplace re-entry and issues of appropriate treatment for complex conditions.

We have taken this expertise and developed specific Consultation and Mediation Services to assist others in the successful resolution of these challenging issues.

This service is designed to address those situations where an employer, insurer or other party requires additional, specialized advice and assistance in order to successfully resolve a particular issue including a benefits claim, appropriate treatment, a work accommodation issue, or to ensure a successful return to work.

The ultimate goal is to facilitate successful resolution of these challenging issues to the benefit of all parties. This often includes facilitating a return to work process that is successful in returning the employee either to his/her previous position with performance that is acceptable to all parties or in returning the employee to an alternative position, that again is agreeable to all parties and with acceptable performance.