Behavioural Therapists

NameArea of StudyLanguage(s)
Ms. Jaclyn BennM.Sc., Exercise & Nutrition Science; Registered KinesiologistEnglish and French
Ms. Courtney CraigB.A., KinesiologyEnglish
Ms. Hana LeeB.A., PsychologyEnglish and Korean
Ms. Ruth McLeanHonours B.A., Psychology; Registered PsychotherapistEnglish and German
Ms. Megan PickthallHonours B.Sc., Human KineticsEnglish
Ms. Samantha RobertsB.Sc., Kinesiology, BA; Registered PsychotherapistEnglish and French
Ms. Melanie RussellB.A., Psychology; Registered PsychotherapistEnglish
Ms. Carly SkidmoreM.Sc., Kinesiology; Registered PsychotherapistEnglish
Ms. Vanessa NunnoHonours B.A.Sc., Kinesiology; Registered KinesiologistEnglish
Ms. Sophie MaloM.Sc., Human Kinetics; Registered KinesiologistEnglish and French