Odyssey Health Services provides respectful, caring treatment for individuals experiencing chronic pain or mental health issues.

Employee health and wellness are top priority for employers.

Odyssey Health Services interdisciplinary team offers a variety of assessment tools and treatments to restore functionality to a broad range of claimant disabilities.

Odyssey Health Services can provide your patients with specialized treatment of chronic pain and mental health conditions.

Odyssey Health Services provides independent expert opinions in matters related to chronic pain symptoms and psychological disorders.


Odyssey Health Services specializes in treating a variety of mental and physical health conditions that, when not treated appropriately, result in individuals suffering from significantly restricted or impaired lives.  In the workplace this can mean reduced productivity, protracted work accommodation or modification, higher than normal levels of absenteeism, or prolonged time off work on either sick or disability benefits.

Odyssey Health Services assesses and treats mental health conditions such as mood and anxiety disorders, and physical complaints such as back pain, headache, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and other complex or difficult to manage conditions.  Odyssey Health Services uses proven, evidence-based approaches that combine medical and behavioural sciences.

In many instances when a person is off work, the medical investigation(s) and subsequent treatment result in a successful and timely return to work.  However, in a significant number of cases this is not true and the individual remains off work longer than may be necessary.  The research evidence now tells us that, for these cases, the non-medical or psychosocial factors that are known to contribute to frequent or lengthy absences from the workplace must be addressed.  At Odyssey Health Services, we have the expertise to both assess for these factors, and to implement the appropriate level of treatment to resolve the issue once and for all.


Odyssey Health Services provides a comprehensive approach to reducing prolonged absence from work.  Odyssey Health Services’ approach provides the intervention best suited to the severity, duration, and complexity of an individual’s condition or situation.  Services include psychological assessment, independent psychological evaluations, comprehensive psychological assessment and treatment as well as interdisciplinary assessment and treatment.  For the most complex cases, treatment is provided in the patient’s home.  In other cases treatment is initiated in the patient’s home and then shifts to office-based counselling.


Odyssey Health Services has clinical teams in Alberta and Ontario, and provides in-person services for individuals throughout these provinces.

Our Benefits

  1. Our services utilize evidence-based interventions that allow individuals to access the health benefits of work
  2. Our team consists of Registered Health Care Professionals including psychologists, kinesiologists, psychotherapists and physicians
  3. Our treatment is goal oriented and we monitor an individual’s progress in a very structured manner in order to determine whether we are being effective
  4. Treatment is provided in the patient’s own home and community in order to increase the probability of long-term success
  5. We have considerable expertise working within the workplace and in developing and implementing return to work plans
  6. We can provide vocational assistance for clients who do not have a job to return to
  7. We understand issues related to absenteeism and disability and are able to help navigate through that system.
  8. Our services are cost effective both in terms of reducing the duration of an individual’s suffering and reducing costs associated with work accommodation, absenteeism and work disability