Behavioural Therapists

NameArea of StudyLanguage(s)
Ms. Jaclyn BennM.Sc., Exercise & Nutrition Science; Registered KinesiologistEnglish and French
Ms. Kathryn Camacho (Consultant)Honours B.Sc., Kinesiology and Health Sciences; Registered KinesiologistEnglish
Ms. Courtney CraigB.A., KinesiologyEnglish
Ms. Hana LeeB.A., PsychologyEnglish and Korean
Ms. Ruth McLeanHonours B.A., PsychologyEnglish and German
Ms. Megan PickthallHonours B.Sc., Human KineticsEnglish
Ms. Jessica Rickus (Consultant) Honours B.Sc., Kinesiology; Registered KinesiologistEnglish
Ms. Samantha RobertsB.Sc., Kinesiology, BA; Registered PsychotherapistEnglish and French
Ms. Melanie RussellB.A., Psychology; Registered PsychotherapistEnglish
Ms. Carly SkidmoreM.Sc., KinesiologyEnglish
Ms. Heather ThompsonB., Kinesiology; Registered KinesiologistEnglish and French
Ms. Rachel YoungB.A., PsychologyEnglish and French
Ms. Vanessa NunnoHonours B.A.Sc., Kinesiology; Registered KinesiologistEnglish
Ms. Lynn QiME.d, Counselling PsychologyEnglish and Mandarin